3 Questions You Must Ask an App Development Company

If you are thinking about creating an app for your business, then choosing the right company to design and develop it is essential. And you have a lot of choices. From freelancers working remotely, to international firms, to local shops, to hiring in-house teams – there are plenty of ways to bring an app to life. At Hashtaag, we only want to work with clients that want to work with us. So we make sure they know exactly who we are, and how we work. It’s the only way to keep things flowing. So how can you get to know a mobile app development agency, before you start working with them? Questions like skill set, location, experience, billing practices and team size are all part of making your short list (you should have a general sense of what you’re looking for from an agency before you start reviewing companies). Here are three questions that go beyond the basics, to help you get a deeper sense of the agency and make your final selection.

Ask for a simple screen concept of your project

Asking for a sample concept screen will help you judge their speed, talent, accuracy and their interest in the project. (Some agencies will decline, but others like Hashtaag are willing to make the investment to provide a strong impression when we want to win a client.) In order to make a screen concept request, you need to clearly explain your requirements. You’ll also want the mobile app development company to explain the technology solutions they would implement to bring the screen concept to life. If they’re designing sexy screens but the tech doesn’t make any sense – you need to be careful. Design and development must work in harmony, or your app can be a mess for users and a loss for your business.

Ask them to share a project that didn’t go so well.

Not every company is willing to share their failures, but the ones that do – and explain the lessons they’ve learned from their mistakes – are worth listening to. They’re honest – and that honesty will pay off through the life of your engagement with them. At Hashtaag, we know we aren’t perfect. But our failures are celebrated as an opportunity to experience and learn. Fail fast, fail often and fail in new ways – it’s what keeps you growing. And the more swings you take, the more chances you have to hit a homerun. Finding out how the team has handled struggles in the past will give your insight into their way of working. Every company faces challenges – and they will on YOUR app. How they handle it is what sets them apart. The ones that address them head on are the ones that will give your project the right direction.

Ask what support they offer after the project ends.

Are they a “set it and forget it” agency, or will they stick with you long-term. Many companies will create your application, maybe at a lower cost, but will not offer support later. They charge you one time for app development, and then disappear or nickel and dime you to death with every little fee. To them, money matters more than clients. Look for companies with long-term engagements, with ongoing support services, and with customer references that talk about post-launch efforts.

These are just three of many important questions to ask a mobile app development company before you sign on the dotted line. And speaking of contracts – make sure it’s possible to exit easily if things aren’t working out. We’d love to tell you that every project has a happy ending, but sometimes even after all your due diligence – you’ll get a dud. If you’re having concerns early – or problems later – get a second or third opinion. Don’t waste your time and money working with a team that doesn’t feel like the right fit. So keep asking questions, and keep looking until you find them. And since you are here, we clearly hope you’ll talk and ask us these questions and many more. You can reach us @ hello@hashtaag.com

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