A Hashtaag Jump Start:

Creating ArriveIn in Just 3 Weeks



The Hashtaag team had a vision for a different mobile app development process – a Jump Start that could bring an app idea to life in about one month. But before we offered this service to our clients, we decided to test it ourselves with an internal app concept. Here’s how we designed and developed ArriveIn.

Launch Project


Our executive team gave employees an app idea challenge – come up with a useful app that requires only 5 screens to work. The winning concept (it was hard to pick just one) allowed a person to share an accurate ETA (estimated time of arrival) with anyone/everyone waiting at their destination. Then we gave the Jump Start team just 1 month to design, develop and launch the app.

" ArriveIn is a testament to the talent and dedication of our team, and our innovative approach to mobile app development. Hashtaag is proud to deliver top-notch apps quickly and cost efficiently. If you need a Jump Start, we’re ready. "

- Krishna Karthik Vemula, co-founder of Hashtaag

Jump Start

The team spent a week on UI/UX, iterating on 3-4 versions of the initial concept and then starting over from scratch. Once design was complete, we started building for iOS, then added Android. We quickly decided to drop iOS and focus just on Android because it was faster to launch in Google Play and it tightened our focus. In the span of just two weeks, ArriveIn was fully baked. We spent a couple days with QA to bug test, while some branding, design and marketing polish was created for the store.


ArriveIn launched in May 2016, just 3 weeks after Hashtaag began designing the app. It has an average rating of 4.9 stars on Google Play. But more than the app itself, we’re excited about the success of our Jump Start approach. We’re now offering this unique 1-month service to our clients. Want to find out more?


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