Curiocty - A Social Network for Sharing

Find out how we build the MVP without breaking the bootstrapped budget



An Ambitious entrepreneur with a big app idea and a small bootstrap budget contacted the Hashtaag team in 2015. Other mobile app development shops were quoting rates that have left him with no funds for marketing or future product iterations.But hashtaag works diffrently.We treat our clients like long-term partners, not short-term money machines.So we focused on creating a simple MVP app that would bring idea to the market, without breaking the bank.Here's the brief story of a happy.

Launch Project


While Facebook and Linkedin focus on people connecting and sharing their public identities,Curiocty expores the deep, dark secrets we don't talk about.Hashtaag had to design and develop a minimal version of the social networking app to test the concept and begin buidling a user base.

" My thought process is that the people I work with should be at least 10x better than me in their respective field of expertise. Working with the talented team at Hashtaag gave me the time to think about Curiocty and it's goals without spending too much time doing code checks or logic checks. Working with Hashtaag has been an absolute pleasure! "



The Hashtaag designer went throught 04-05 iterations of UI/UX for Curiocty. The app - build for iOS - needs to give users a sense of control, comfort, curiocty and connections. Users create anonymous profiles, share intensely personal information, answer questions, and find other people with similar secrets and experiences. The Hashtaag development team regularly collaborated with the client to identify problems, and explore solutions, handling anonymity and data privacy issues,geographic information, and matching algorithms.

" I would gladly recommend Hashtaag to anyone, especially to the building entrepreneur with a lightweight bank balance and a heavyweight idea. I look forward to working with them for Phase 2 of my app development. "


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