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UsherX - Redesigning the Discovery Engine



At Hashtaag, we often create internal challenges – part of our Learning Lab – to help our team think about big-picture problems without client budget and time pressures.Recently, our UI/UX design team explored a common problem in apps – the discovery engine.Many apps fall short from really helping people discover the content they deliver – from new restaurants to local events to interesting products. With usage and retention constantly on our clients’ minds, we decided to conceptualize an app that provides the best offers and services in a variety of industries. The UsherX challenge stimulated new ideas and insights amongst our designers – which we now share with our clients.

What Do You Think?

The Hash taag team learned a lot about enhancing the UI/UX experience of a discovery engine. Email hello@hashtaag.com to talk about your app (especially if there’s a discovery component), or contact us with a Learning Lab challenge you want us to explore.

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