What Does Your App Need?

Building an App Means Building a Business

Mobile app development isn’t just producing a product – it’s building a business. We’ve been there, and know how hard that is. Our mission is to help you win. So we’re going to ask you hard questions, poke at problems and shake things up. Sometimes you will get uncomfortable. So will we. But we’re not here to get comfy – we’re here to get going. Are you ready to go with us? Check out our cross- platform mobile app development services, review our portfolio, and contact us when you’re ready.

Jump Start Your App

Need to show your app idea to investors - fast? Don’t have a big budget or a lot of time for design & development? Sounds like you need a Jump Start from Hashtaag. We’ve created a dedicated “special forces” team of designers and engineers that jump in to quickly produce your app concept. We only take one project at a time, and they start on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. We’re now booking for September and October.

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The Mobile App Building Blocks

iOS App

Swift, Objective C, Xcode, iOS SDK

Android App

Android SDK, Java, Android Studio & Eclipse

Web App

AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3

Back End

NodeJS, Perl, Python, MongoDB

Enjoy Accelerated Agile Development

Hashtaag practices agile mobile app development – we map out a project in sprints, and evaluate every sprint to adjust for the next one. Agencies often work in 2-week sprints, but we’ve found that’s just too slow. So our sprints are 1 week each. That means you see progress immediately, and can react quickly. This accelerated approach allows Hashtaag to create your app in as little as 1 month.

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It's More Than Pretty Screens

UI/UX design can make or break your mobile app development. You app needs a smooth onboarding, an intuitive layout, engaging experiences and addictive qualities. Our mobile app developers and designers work within your parameters to create and innovate your mobile app.

Product Planning:
A Roadmap to Success

Whether this is your first mobile app or your fortieth, you want a team that understands both the big picture of your business and the fine details of your product strategy. From short-term projects to long-term plans, we’re ready to bring our decades of mobile-specific experience to your app.

Testing & Optimization:
The Mobile Marathon

Launching your app is just the beginning (despite the months of work to get there). Our Q/A team smashes bugs, runs A/B tests, optimizes performance and keeps iterating to nurture and grow your product. Our mobile application development services will help you in achieve ing your business goals.

Review our Results

They say the proof is in the pudding. For mobile app developers, it’s in the portfolio. So take a look at what we’ve done for other companies. See if we’re right for you.

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