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The Laundry Basket (Case Study)

Ordering Laundry service made easy. Efficient Franchise Model implementation

Project Details

The Laundry Basket is a leading On-Demand laundry service provider. They provide end to end service right from pick-up clothes from users doorstep, wash, dry, fold, press and deliver them back to them. It’s a web and mobile based solution providing features like, 
  • placing order with combinations of different cloth type and available services
  • tracking the progress of placed order
  • realtime calculation of order completion time’ based on selected services
  • notify user regarding any updates through notifications or messages.
One more key feature included in this solution is a store application' for The Laundry Basket’s store units, to process online and offline orders received at the store. Store owner will use it to monitor the order status, manage finances, handle any issues raised by user and other operations related tasks.

Client’s Expectation

The Laundry Basket client, Ankit and Nakul, came with very clear idea of their business modal and with very precise requirements. The primary goal was to make the app simple enough for user, so that he won’t have to go through any learning curve.
The idea also include to have one system for the store manage and the owners to track the day to day process including, store work in progress, bill generation and tax calculation, setting and updating price for services, updates for centra and state holidays, generation reports for several operations, tracking financial transaction on every level.
Keeping there business model in mind and there certain future scalability, we jumped right into brain storming about the User Experience and how to bring there requirements into a working solution.
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