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My Joining Bonus (Case Study)

When groundbreaking HR solution meets a sound technology partner

Project Details

My Joining Bonus (MJB) is one of the top notch recruitment agency. With regards to Time-to-fill and Quality-of-Hire, our client MJB has emerged as the leading contender. They are one of the prime in their field and through skill mapping and requirements filter, MJB maps the right profiles to match requirements. It is the only portal which rewards you with up to 25% of joining bonus.
The main concept included in MJB is giving ‘Bonus’ to the joining employ based on this profile completed percentage. It encourages user to put correct and updated details which helps recruiter to get bettor candidate.

Key Features
  • The main feature was to keep user updates about the new job posting and interview schedule through notifications
  • Document and images accès for resume, profile pic and other documents.
  • Location access to update user about job near current area and location
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