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Sportshero (Case Study)

fans from around the world and providing them with an engaging platform to participate in fantastic prediction games

Client’s Expectation

Clients vision was to enhance social community from existing level to next level where UX was missing an edge to define precise product approach to its users where existing users was not able to have precise engagement and prime sessions like predicting games, Match Summary and Existing prediction were to be implemented in our defined approach. Even level of engagement was supposed to be improvised with prize winning, leaderboards and more from their e-Store

Hashtaag™ role

Our objective was to refine the UX of the existing application. Existing App was having certain level of app data which was to be studied and was expected to get more engagement from that level. To understand this data was little difficult as there were certain areas where UX was not precise and defined. We started our study by which areas should be improved and collecting the new level of integration in their Design. First and most thing was colors were not used in right format to create that excitement as it was all about sports high level of energy and excitement. We started our process with UX Information Architecture by creating the depth level of interaction and engagement which could be supported in overall model, considering flexibility of development.

Our identification

  1. Unclear communication
  2. No clarity in UI Design and Navigation
  3. New Various segments to be introduced
  4. Improvising level of communication where existing users don't find it difficult to perform task.
  5. Introduction of purchase tickets and leaderboards and newer games like Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, American Football.
  6. Even there was newer introduction of communication in form of chat where new users can take prediction guidance from existing leaders.
  7. Finally we found is this could be solved by introducing solid colors and level of Gamification process done.
  8. Because to predict came use to take certain tasks to follow so how interactive it should be.
  9. Match point where user can predict kind of blind game on 8 matches and win multiple tickets.
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