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What is machine learning ?
Machine learning (ML) is in the area of computer science and is an application of Artificial intelligence (AI) that gives the computers the ability to learn automatically from experience and improvise without being clearly programmed. Machine learning has evolved over the years and it has been an integral part of advancement in computer technology, the exposure to huge data in the last few decades gave us an insight and patterns were mapped. Researchers then started using artificial intelligence revolving around these patterns so that it can be automated and to see if the machines can learn on its own.  
Ubiquitous (Almost)
These days we do see that machines have great ability to learn from the patterns and are able to repeat the functions in similar use cases. When we look at the current scenario we see how Amazon and other e commerce giants  give endorsements based on our previous activity ,some other examples where ML and AI are used extensively are for the Google car and the Tesla’s, another excellent example is Google’s Pixel Buds which has the ability to near real-time translation. We all know about Sophia a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics.She is able to display more than 62 facial expressions. Sophia has been covered by media around the globe and has participated in many high-profile interviews. All though there is very less AI used on this humanoid it is believed that this is the beginning of more ML/AI driven technology advancements. With the likes of IBM Watson and other deep learning technologies we will see more practical use of ML  in the areas of medical and legal sectors. We at Hashtaag™ has a  service company strive to be future ready and stay ahead of the  curve. We have worked on several projects involving machine learning( ML) some of the industry we have catered to are for Real estate and Healthcare sectors.  
Real Estate
Hashtaag™ has used ML to build a real estate product where it simplify the process of  finding homes for the customers, based on the patterns of the user behaviour and searches, we were able to recommend( review/ rate)  the best product or service using machine learning. It also helped the brokers or the agents to see what the customers are interested in and give them heads up on what the customer would zero in on, making  their work more streamlined and productive. It can also be used in Image Recognition ,Behavioral Data,NLP Algorithms
Hashtaag™ is privileged to be the technology partner of one of leading healthtech company in the world, ML is very useful in Disease detection,personalized treatment, finding drug, to maintain electronic health records, outbreak prediction and clinical trial research to name a few are some of the areas we can use ML.
Technology Stack
Tensor Flow
Tensor Flow is an invaluable open source software library. With the ability to be applicable to a wide variety of machine learning projects that require numerical computation.
Natural Language Toolkit
Natural Language Toolkit is a tool that can be vital for some machine learning projects. Providing an extensive suite of text processing libraries, such as tagging, semantic reasoning, and classification.
Deep learning researchers and framework developers use CuDNN, an GPU-accelerated library that provides highly tuned implementations for standard routines around machine learning.
Scikit Learn
We utilize the machine learning library Scikit Learn for Python. With a huge range of algorithms and designed to seamlessly integrate with other Python libraries.

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