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#Polished #Stable #Fast #Battery Efficient
We develop apps with passion. Our development community is consistently innovating right from iPhone OS and Android platform releases. Mobile App development have been undergoing changes in terms of programming languages, lighter and efficient database, development architecture, technologies which could match next generation hardware capabilities and engineering. We are very strict in writing efficient code. The development standards have been maintained to follow the right architecture for a solution and focus on code maintainability in a long run.  
We ensure to meet the design standards set by designers. Whether it is native control or custom control, we give lot of attention to development to follow pixel perfect implementation.  
Application should be crash free in whatever the condition. App might get unexpected data from server, might not able to fetch required hardware, accessories in real world, might need to deal with huge data. Might need to handle the notification, integration with other service or applications.  The stability of application is defined by how we handle  
Memory Management
SDK's and database
how we handle all possible use cases
Application should engage the user, It should start render the content fast. Mobile has its own limitations and use cases, we coordinate with server team and optimize our rendering so that its engaging for user.  
#Battery Efficient
Application should rightly use device accessories when it requires.

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