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Initial stages of a company are some of its most demanding ones. Coming up with a product, while consolidating and growing the business simultaneously can understandably get very stressful.
If you are a start up, you know how chaotic your environment and urgent the need for solutions is. It is here that Hashtaag, our technology company, can help you out on costs, operation simplification, design, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and deciding on the technology to be used, all at a short notice.
How Hashtaag™ will help you?
Our pool of talented and experienced professionals enjoy the process of understanding your needs and working with you to offer a personalised experience. Having worked with several startups over the course of their careers, they possess relevant industry experience— an invaluable asset to our organisation, and clients.
We first bring together all the stakeholders involved. Our Senior UX designer and Senior Backend engineer will put themselves in your shoes and form a jump start team, interact and brainstorm with you and your developers to come up with solutions intended to elevate your product.
The motive behind this initial exercise being to derive a product document clearly identifying the requirements to conceive a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Upon ascertaining this, our dedicated ‘special forces’ team of designers and engineers jump in to quickly execute on the plan, and produce the MVP for you. All the while making sure you’re up to date on our design approach, key decisions on backend service, and the developments you need to be on top of. We hold weekly demos to keep track of things and ensure that the product rollout and business requirements map each other out well.
Why choose Hashtaag™
We are comprised of several small teams, all in-house and based in the same office. We don’t subcontract any of our processes. This lets our work flow seamlessly, enabling us to edge out several of our competitors at efficiently, and quickly designing and developing your Minimum Viable Product,.
Hashtaag was built to be a partner in your success. We realise we are not just producing a product for you— we’re helping you build your business. We are here to meet your business needs at every phase of your growth. We’ve been there, and know how hard that is. Our mission is to help you win. To accomplish this, we’re going to ask you hard questions, poke at problems and shake things up. Even when it gets uncomfortable. We are not here to be comfortable— we’re here to get going.

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